On notebooks

I have yet to find a notebook I don’t want to buy. The thought process is always the same, I’ll just look. I like the size or the paper quality is better than the one I’m using. I might not find again….The truth is that I have more notebooks than I really need. It’s just like shoes for some women… just cringed at the sexism of my comment right there.

I just turned 45 and one of the upsides of it is that I am starting to know what works for me. I searched for THE perfect notebook/agenda but there’s no such thing. I am very difficult about the quality of paper, I like my paper smooth and fountain pen friendly. Right now I have multiple notebooks/calendars in my life.

  • Calendar : I use it to plan my weeks/days. I’ve tried many many brands and this one works perfectly for me. Small and slim with a weekly view. I love it! That’s where i plan, make daily list, cross them off and get a high from it. Find pleasures where you can
  • A master to do list/Home/Brain Dump notebook. I keep a running list of everything I think of, goals, tasks, projects around the house. I keep it separate because I look to look at while I map out my week on my calendar.
  • A craft tracker. I knit, cross stitch and make quilts. I keep a running list of my projects on here. Shopping lists, references to the supplies i used, Ideas for my next projects..
  • A 5 year diary. I started on my birthday and I’m about to celebrate our month anniversary, let’s see if this one sticks around
  • A Logbook. I’ve tried diaries it works for a week and then..So I’ve been keeping a log book. It’s a calendar for past events.
  • My diary. Did I say it never worked …yes but I am willing to give it another try. I only write here long forms when I feel like it. I sometime collage quotes, images or I doodle. Lots more freedom might make me enjoy it.

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